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A novel Multi-Phase Flash Sintering (MPFS) technique for 3D complex-shaped ceramics


Sandra Molina Molina, Eva Gil González, Francisco José Durán Olivencia, José Manuel Valverde, Antonio Perejón, Pedro E. Sánchez Jiménez, Luis A. Pérez Maqueda Applied Materials Today 2022, Vol. 26, 101274

This work demonstrates the first proof-of-concept of Multi-Phase Flash Sintering (MPFS). This novel technique essentially consists of applying a rotating electric field to the sample by means of a multi-phase voltage source as furnace temperature increases. Several ceramic materials with different types of electrical conductivities are sintered within seconds at furnace temperatures much lower than those used for traditional DC flash sintering due to the higher power densities administered by a multi-phase power supply. Thus, ceramic materials are flashed at relatively lower applied voltages which minimizes undesired phenomena such as localization and preferential current pathways. Furthermore, MPFS allows diverse electrode configurations to promote a more uniform electric field distribution, enhancing the sintering of 3D complex-shaped specimens. MPFS could be a true breakthrough in materials processing, as 3D complex-shaped specimens are homogeneously sintered at reduced temperatures, while keeping all the advantages of conventional flash sintering.


Sandra Molina Molina




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