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Inkjet-Printed and Nanopatterned Photonic Phosphor Motifs with Strongly Polarized and Directional Light-Emission


Elena Cabello-Olmo, Manuel Romero-Aguilar, Michael Kainz, Anna Bernroitner, Sonja Kopp, Michael Mühlberger, Gabriel Lozano, Hernán Míguez Advanced Functional Materials 2023, Vol. 0, 2305907

Herein a versatile and scalable method to prepare periodically corrugated nanophosphor surface patterns displaying strongly polarized and directional visible light emission is demonstrated. A combination of inkjet printing and soft lithography techniques is employed to obtain arbitrarily shaped light emitting motifs. Such predesigned luminescent drawings, in which the polarization and angular properties of the emitted light are determined and finely tuned through the surface relief, can be used as anti-counterfeiting labels, as these two specific optical features provide additional means to identify any unauthorized or forged copy of the protected item. The potential of this approach is exemplified by processing a self-standing photoluminescent quick response (QR) code whose emission is both polarized and directionally beamed. Physical insight of the mechanism behind the directional out-coupled photoluminescence observed is provided by finite-difference time-domain calculations.



Elena Cabello


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