cicCartuja Centro de Investigaciones Científicas de la cartuja

Research Institutes

Insitute of Plant Biochemistry and Photosynthesis (IBVF)

  • Biotechnology of microalgae and higher plants
  • Regulation of gene expression in cyanobacteria, microalgae and plants
  • Cell signaling and regulation of plant metabolism
  • Structure and function of macromolecules

Insitute of Materials Science of Seville (ICMS)

  • Synthesis, morphology and reactyivity of ultrafine powder materials
  • Technologyand reactivity of materials at the surface level
  • Microstructure and physical properties of materials
  • Applications of scientific methodology to characterization materials

Institute of Chemical Research (IIQ)

  • Biological activity of carbohydrates
  • Synthesis of molecules involved in pathological processes
  • Synthesis of chiral compounds from renewable natural sources
  • Synthesis, structure and chemical reactivity of compounds of transition and main group elements