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2014 Award

The scientists awarded in 2014 were:

Winner: Manuel Macias-Montero (ICMS) for his work on synthesized nanowire, a new material that acts like a 10,000 times smaller than current optical fiber

Vertically Aligned Hybrid Core/Shell Semiconductor Nanowires for Photonics Applications

Second: M. Isabel Ortiz-Marchena (IBVF) for her discovery of the interconnection between flowering and starch metabolism in plants

Photoperiodic Control of Carbon Distribution during the Floral Transition in Arabidopsis

Third: Mohyeddin Assali (IIQ) for his work on the generation of functional glyco-nanomaterials in the field of nanomedicine.

Supramolecular Diversity through Click Chemistry: Switching from Nanomicelles to 1D-Nanotubes and Tridimensional Hydrogels


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