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Versatility and multifunctionality of highly reflecting Bragg mirrors based on nanoparticle multilayers


Olalla Sánchez-Sobrado, Mauricio E. Calvo and Hernán Míguez J. Mater. Chem. 2010, Vol. 20, 8240-8246

The use of both supported and flexible self-standing nanoparticle-based one dimensional photonic crystal films as effective frequency selective filters in the UV-vis-NIR is herein evaluated. The requirements to achieve a flat spectral response at the desired frequency range are analyzed and a synthetic route to realize materials with such properties presented. Strict control over the structural parameters yields multilayers in which the opening or closing of higher order photonic band gaps can be devised, thus leading to films capable of blocking the UV and NIR ranges simultaneously. Furthermore, the physico-chemical properties of the mirror can be modified to yield either moisturerepelling or, on the contrary, environmentally responsive optical filters. These materials present a great potential to be used as versatile and multifunctional optical elements.

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