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Second generation dendrimers with CS-E disaccharides as multivalent ligands for Langerin


Pedro Dominguez-Rodriguez, Corinne Vivès, Michel Thépaut, Franck Fieschi, Pedro M. Nieto, José L. de Paz, and Javier Rojo ACS Publications 2020, Vol. 0,

Chondroitin sulfate type E (CS-E) is a sulfated polysaccharide that shows several interesting biological activities, such as the modulation of the neuronal growth factor signaling and its interaction with Langerin, a C-type lectin with a crucial role in the immunological system. However, applications of CS-E are hampered by the typical heterogeneous structure of the natural polysaccharide. Well-defined, homogeneous CS-E analogues are highly demanded. Here, we report the synthesis of monodisperse, structurally well-defined second-generation glycodendrimers displaying up to 18 CS-E disaccharide units. These complex multivalent systems have a molecular weight and a number of disaccharide repeating units comparable with those of the natural polysaccharides. In addition, SPR experiments revealed a calciumindependent interaction between these glycodendrimers and Langerin, in the micromolar range, highlighting the utility of these compounds as CS-E mimetics.

Pedro Domínguez