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  • Victoria Esteso receives a fellowship from "La Caixa" for doctoral studies
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25 May 2015 11:44 Age: 9 Years

Victoria Esteso receives a fellowship from "La Caixa" for doctoral studies

The researcher from the multifunctional optical materials group will pursue her doctoral studies in cicCartuja

Victoria Esteso, a researcher from the Institute of Materials Science of Seville belonging to cicCartuja, was awarded a PhD Fellowship "La Caixa" to pursue her doctoral studies in Spain.

Thanks to the funding, the ranges of services the students enjoy before, during and after the fellowship, “La Caixa” Foundation Fellowship Programme is among the best in the world.

From the 672 accepted applications, the young researcher was the only applicant from the University of Seville to receive one of the 25 grants. (See statistics)

The project awarded the grant will last for four years and is titled the "Forces of Casimir in Systems Plane-Parallel Real". Her research - theoretical and experimental - will focus on the study of the Casimir force from the point of view of the optical properties of real materials. The objective is to design and synthesize in the laboratory new nanostructured materials that will enable researchers to control the degree of  friction between those materials in the nano- and microscale to be applied, for example, in nano- and micro-electromechanical systems.


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