cicCartuja Centro de Investigaciones Científicas de la cartuja

General information

Research performed at cicCartuja should have an impact not only on academia and industry, but also on a broader audience and the general public. The principal aim of the Science and Society initiative at cicCartuja is to promote a better understanding of the social relevance of sciences.

cicCartuja organizes a variety of activities and events intended to intensify the dialogue between scientific community and public at large, demonstrate science’s relevance in society and attract young people's attention to what research can offer, thus stimulating their interest in science and eventually leading them to embark on careers in research.

cicCartuja regularly presents various projects in the Andalusia Science Fair and the Science Week, two outreach landmarks in Spain. Additionally, a large number of schools visit cicCartuja on an annual basis.  

The Science Outreach Committee is comprised of:

  • María Pozas Vizoso, Manager (cicCartuja)
  • María del Pilar Palma Ramírez, CSIC Scientific Researcher (IIQ)
  • Cristina Rojas Ruiz, Tenure Scientist CSIC (ICMS)
  • María Teresa Ruiz Pérez, CSIC Researcher (IBVF)
  • Idalino Rocha González, Communications Head (cicCartuja)