cicCartuja Centro de Investigaciones Científicas de la cartuja

Science Week

Science Week is an annual landmark celebrated throughout Spain in November aimed at the general public. cicCartuja Science Week main initiatives are: science cafés, outreach talks, and guided visits, plus the photo exhibition “Electron Microscopy: what an art”, coordinated by the FP7 network Al-Nanofunc.

Targeted to secondary school students taking the course “Science in the contemporary world”, cicCartuja researchers give talks on photosynthesis and its biotechnological applications, microalgae use for aquaculture, sustainable or “green” chemistry, light and color physical properties, new drugs, and basic science relevance in the contemporary world. These talks are summarized in a dossier and handed to teachers and students to complement the content of this course.

In Science Cafés, scientists are invited to talk in layman's terms about their work. These activities allow researchers and non-scientist to reflect on scientific questions in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

During that week, cicCartuja opens its doors to the public and provide visitors with a short introduction to cicCartuja and guided tours.

More information about the activities in Spanish.


The Science Week initiative is funded by: