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ECNF 2014 & Al-NanoFunc Final Conference

Highlighted topic: Nanofilms & Nanoparticles for sustainable energy conversion and storage

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About ECNF 2014 and Al-NanoFunc Final Conference: This conference, whose predecessors were held in Liége (2010) and Ancona (2012), intends to provide a global and applicative vision of European Research on Nanofilms. In order to support and reinforce European excellence in the field, this multisession conference will promote exchanges and links between scientific and industrials players. From the synthesis of nanoparticles up to the mass production of nanocoatings, this multisession symposium will thus review critical topics for nanofilm development.

One topic to be highlighted in Seville is Nanofilms & Nanoparticles for sustainable energy conversion and storage. This includes third generation photovoltaic materials, hydrogen storage and production and catalysis for sustainable energy.

The conference coincides with the final conference of the Al-Nanofunc European project (REGPOT-CT-2011-285895-Al-NANOFUNC) “Advanced laboratory for the Nano-analysis of novel functional materials”. Special sessions will therefore be devoted to advanced techniques for electron nanoscopies and spectroscopies, mainly based on last trends in electron microscopy.

Besides traditional plenary sessions, invited and submitted presentations, thematic round tables will be organized to allow interaction between the attendees.


A: 3rd generation PV material and processes

B: Nanostructured materials, films and catalysts for sustainable energy conversion and storage

C: Last trends in electron Nanoscopies and Spectroscopies

D: Fundamental understanding of PVD and thin film growth processes: theory, modelling, experiment

E: Hard tribological & protective nanostructured coatings


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Advanced Laboratory for the NANO-analysis of Novel FUNCtional Materials
AL-NANOFUNC. REGPOT-CT-2011-1-285895
FP7- Capacities - Research Potential


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